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The purpose of this website is to provide information and recommendations related to arithmetic fact fluency.

The information that I present on this website will be based on the latest published scientific research, and will be annotated with scientific journal citations.

I will be adding articles on topics and questions such as:

    Definitions of terminology used in referece to fact fluency and related topics in math education
    What is fact fluency?
    What does "drill and kill" really mean?
    Why is fact fluency important?
    What is strategy instruction, and what does it have to do with fact fluency.
    When should students begin to practice fact fluency?
    The importance of early diagnosis of math learning difficulty and early intervention?
    What are effectcive intervention regimes for children with math learning difficulty?
    What are some of the most effective methods and products for practicicing math facts?
        for students without math learning difficulty?
        for students with math learning difficulty?

One purpose of this website is to provide recommendations of free or affordable fact fluencypractice products that are both high quality and highly affordable. If you know of a product that you think meets these criteria, please write to me. I intend to put software reviews on the Product Recommendations page of this website.

Full disclosure: I am a developer of a fact fluency software that I call MathAscent.  My product is still underdevelopment.
                                                   Seattle, Washington

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